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Dan Diephosue

I watched broken flowers the other night. Pretty good, although it had a ambigous ending. Swimming Pool was like that too. It can be so aggravating! Grrrrr.

Maybe someone should make choose your own adventure movies.


I'm looking forward to getting one of those 4x6 cards myself in six weeks' time....

Edmund Yeo

As much as I'm thrilled with the manner methods one can self-distribute his or her own works nowadays, and how people are saying that the computer and the Internet can replace cinema as the main medium for movies, I still find this rather depressing. So yeah, I guess movies can either be good or bad, regardless of whether they're made under the old Hollywood system or independently made.

The fact that we can now choose films that can suit our more refined interests (instead of our base or blunt interests) mean that we are becoming more picky, more choosy, and I don't know, our scope might possibly be narrowed. It's hard for me to put it into words, hm.

Edmund Yeo

MANY METHODS. I meant to say in my first sentence.

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